Repaired Devices

Do you have any questions about our warranty coverage for repairs? The following video will explain what is covered.

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Frequent questions

Do you test the phones before fixing them?

Yes! We manually test ALL the devices we sell and repair. We test all devices before and after we work on them to guarantee our customers the best devices possible.

How long is the warranty period for repairs?

Our warranty period for repairs is 1 year, except for screen and liquid damage repairs.

What warranty do I have for liquid damage repairs?

We cover the repair work performed on the motherboard, but we don't cover any further damage or pre-existing issues with the device. The warranty period for this service is 90 days.

How long is the warranty for the screen replacement on my device?

Screen replacements have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We don't cover any damages caused to the screens after the repair is done.
The video mentioned earlier explains this in greater detail.

What happens if my device is out of warranty and needs to be repaired?

We can still repair it! Since you repaired the device through us, we will offer you a better price.

What is not covered by the warranty?

We don't cover any further damage, pre-existing issues with the device, water damage, or theft.